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Originally Posted by hcb0804 View Post
The Propulse 3 is very wide, maybe the 4 will be too
Actually I don't believe it's really all that wide so much as the last is quite straight -- the shoe in plan-form doesn't curl around the instep so drastically (as is more typical of Nike and Adidas lasts for tennis specific shoes anyway). That makes it seem a lot wider than other shoes for people who's actual feet are straighter (like me!) and find other shoes like Adidas and most Nike subjectively "too narrow" even though those are also standard D width if you measure them across the foot beds.

Put it this way, for shoes that have relatively C shaped lasts, my feet do better in an EE (wide) fitting even though the absolute width of my feet is barely a mm over the standard for D fitting. I do better still in shoes that D width but have straighter lasts though...tend to get a snugger fit through mid-foot and heel that way. Foot shape matters more than most people imagine I think when selecting shoes; especially for something so hard on your feet as hard court tennis.

I'm hoping the last and the width stays more or less the same for the generation 4 -- the 3's have been a god send for my feet anyway.
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