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height of toss supposedly should equal not exceed height of contact point.
depth into court of contact point should probably be as deep as your explosion/legs can carry you. keep in mind that, serving explosively tires the legs--there is no way around this. it is fun to overpower superior players with a booming service game, but if you are playing a strong returner and a rally should happen to break out on your serve and you are forced to actually do more work (in order to hold serve) than simply to hurl thunderbolts and then clean up, after the typically weak return, by hitting one good well placed forehand of you own, you may quickly start wishing that you had spent more time developing an easier or more economical way of holding than relying on your leg drive in powering those thunderbolts.

i used to put everything into my serve and even took a set off a 3.5 player in my first year of playing when i myself was barely a 2.5, in addition to bagelling a 3.0 player once who had beaten me 26 consecutive times prior to that. so, i know what it's like to have a weapon ons erve, but again, serving so big tires the legs and you'll probably want to have a ground game to back your serve up with.

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