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Originally Posted by Relinquis View Post

a couple of quick questions:

- do you play tennis, even recreationally?
- have you seen pros play live? male pros.

tennis viewed from the angle that is broadcast on most TV channels is very different from being court-side. you lose a lot of perspective and basically have very little idea of what kind of shot the players are hitting from that angle and how they are moving.

to see what i mean, check out these warm-up/practice points.

They look far more intense, complicated and have a lot more subtleties that most matches shown on TV because the angle is more realistic.
Great vid(s) Relinquis. Roddick has awesome technique. Thanks.

Originally Posted by Relinquis View Post
strategy matters, otherwise you wouldn't have 30 year olds double bageling 23 year olds at the pro level.
I would rather say it that strategies matter because good players use strategies. They use strategies as a guide to producing a competitive edge from some existing condition or situation.
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