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Originally Posted by sbengte View Post
Guessed as much, given the context. I really don't get what is with these tennis players and mono. Haven't heard any other sportspeople get it
Hope we don't have another Ancic like case here and Soderling does make a decent comeback.
It is really quite simple. EBV is one of those viruses that 90% of the population carries, however it rarely turns into a noticeable bout of glandular fever (Mononucleosis).

The thing is, athletes today are pushing themselves to the limit of the human body, with travelling, lack of sleep, time zone changes, practice schedules, etc.

We didn't see this because 30 years ago people didn't work even close to as hard and for such an extended period of time at the top of pro sports. Mono is merely the virus that tells you "I am doing too much". First year of University I was working while going to the gym 5 days a week and essentially working myself until I couldn't lift anymore (really stupid, I regret the mistakes I made so much as it has set me back 6 years physically, and I probably will never be the same) and I caught mono. I continued to work not knowing I had it, and was wondering why I was seeing stars and almost passing out. Sure enough they did tests and I had mono. I never really recovered and then ended up getting some other virus a year later and lost 20 pounds, which after 6 years I have just gained 10 of those back.

Obviously not everyone has such an extreme case as me, however it is more than conceivable in Soderling's case that he just isn't the same anymore - and at the pro tennis level, even 5% reduction in capability may be the difference between 10 and 50 in the world.

P.S I want to mention I wasn't really bed ridden except for the first 7 days, but I couldn't stay awake longer than 2 hours without feeling like I hadn't slept in 5 days. This really hinders the ability to train at the elite level, even if it is an extremely mild case - Roddick was never the same, Federers energy in 5 setters hasn't been the same arguably, and Soderling is completely finished.

And 2x P.S Mononucleosis is NOT BACTERIAL. The entire premise of a virus, and why they can be much more debilitating than bacteria is that there is no cure, and inherently they work much differently. While bacteria is a single identifiable force inside your body that can be targeted (antibiotics) a virus uses your own cells to replicate, thus it is much more complicated to create vaccine's and anti-viral drugs since the virus inherently inhabits your own cells - this is why HIV is incurable (at least right now).
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