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Originally Posted by arnelarsen View Post
On the other hand, the way I am hitting my groundstrokes at the moment (lots of pace and spin), will not be possible in some years, in fact, I can already feel it being a bit too hard on my body (especially my back, right shoulder and wrist). As mentioned, I would like to compete in senior tournaments the next 20 years (I am 51 now) and I would rather prepare myself now than later. The options I consider at the moment are:
1) As now, use my two-hander for almost all backhand strokes (accepting my slice and volleys get worse)
2) Improve my slice backhand by using it for almost all backhand shots except passing shots, where I would use a one-handed topspin backhand
3) Improve my slice backhand by using it for almost all shots except returns and passing shots, where I would use a two-hander


I'm 50 and I'm swinging as hard and running as fast as I can. Yes, I ache a bit after 2 hours of intense rallying. I try to plan out recovery days because it does take longer for my body to recover than it did when I was 25. But I'm just going to keep going for it until I can't anymore. I have no idea when that will happen.

And I have a 2hbh. When I get pulled wide to my left I have to run hard and hit open stance, sometimes in the air, to defend. I couldn't hit that shot when I was 25. So far so good.
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