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Originally Posted by Chas Tennis View Post
Where's the pain and how did it come about? Related to posture issue?

Patellar-femoral pain

Tendinitis (with inflammation) & Tendinosis (with defective healed tendon tissue)

There are many TW threads on knee injuries.
Thanks for the response. I have read the links you sent me but not indepth, will do that soon, but what i am beginning to understand though is that this is probably not gone be something that can be cured in a matter of a few weeks in some miracle way sadly....If someone has some exercise or something that helped them, please share. Some years ago i was weightlifting alot and started to feel some similar pain in both my knees. So i decided that before every workout i would start on the bicycle for 5 minutes, that completely cured the problem. I have not had the chance to use a bicycle to see if that would help unfortunately this time. Will try that in the future though as ive heard only good things about knees and bicycling...
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