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Originally Posted by ga tennis View Post
I am getting frustrated!!! My daughter goes to public school and doesnt get home till after 4;00. When she gets home she is usually tired from a long day at school. All of her tennis friends are homeschooled. She usually practices around an hour and a half a day and tournaments on the weekend. Im just concerned that with her going to regular school she is not getting enough time on the court. I wanna put her with her academy full time but cant afford it. So my question to you guys is do you think an hour and a half is enough for a girl that just turned 11????
Hell yes! 8 hours M-F and tourneys on weekends is more than enough, if at least an hour of each 1.5 is intense and well programmed.

I have been pondering the practice quality and schedule issues for my 10 year old. He has academy from 10 hours per week M-Th, they are diligent about warm up and warm down (25 minutes total), and well programmed in terms of keeping players moving for the remaining time. Once I was confident on that front, I thought about where the gaps remained. Nutrition and sleep, not lack of court time or practice was my conclusion. I gotta get expert on home cooked meals and enforcing bedtime and naps.

GA - perfect the off court stuff that contributes to health and performance. This will allow your charge to be intense with the limited time she has. You can make a decision on academy a little later after you assess all the alternative remedies.

Fulltime academy may lull you into thinking everything is being handled.

p.s. My charge is in public school. Between 2:40 and 4pm is home work, snack, decompression/(nap he won't take) and drop off to Ferriera/Bareis which runs from 4-6:30pm. He is dog tired at conclusion.

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