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Thanks guys, for all the great info and support!
After listieging to all the advice I think putting down the racquets for a while, is my best option.
WhileI do have a wide variety of racquets to choose from, the hand pain started just after the Frankenstein string job on the Wilson K-fac Bold.
It's strung very low, at 37lbs.X 43lbs. with PP's Vendetta and Gamma syngut crosses.
My workouts consist of coaching the kids by hitting the punctured balls against the wall. I show them strokes by example and only hit a few strokes back to them, occasionally hitting an poorly hit shot that comes my way.
One time I had shoulder pain after hitting with the Fischer M-po.1 for a session, that convinced me that my body wasn't ready for it, that sticking with bigger heads wopuld be better for me now. Maybe I will get stronger and be able to use the smaller 98" head to crush the ball, later.
But for now I need more trampoline effect and spin, to producethe shots I know I can repeat with accuracy.
The MOST stressful thing i do it practice my serves, alone.
It was only the, that my hands started to bother my and that was after ceasing an ice routine I started after the session with the Fischer left me with shoulder pain.
Now, without going over a whole slew of medical history, I do need to mention that I has the same probs with the right hand, after over-doing a video game, Dirt 2, using a joystick controller set that my wrist would be locked for the most part and my arm would be moving wildly.
After using a wrist brace at nigt and part of the day, it went away after a month of NO video gaming. I lost interest with it, not long after that. It was 2 years ago now.
Only since last May, have I took up tennis again, after a 20 yr layoff. My muscles have not turned to goo, but I know they are out of shape. I had hoped that an ultra-conservative approach like this, would make injury less likely. My doctor has helped me with all my issues and has prescribed anti-inflammatory drugs, pain killers and left it at that, for now. He would send me to a specialist, if needed, but Medicare will not pay for anything like chiropractic or acupuncture therapies and I can't afford it, myself.
I will take the advice of the members suggestions, who have had similar experiences and put the sticks down, for now.
My left hand is also affected, to a lessor extent, although I hit with a 1 handed b-hand, so it might be that nerves starting in the spine are affected by the twisting motion I do, to help me generate power.
While I do use a wheelchair, I cheat by putting my feet down as I strike the ball, to get a more stable platform and get leverage to create power. So I'm a bit of a 'hybrid',. myself. That make things a little different that any other player, so it will be hard to find anyone with the exact same set of circumstances, but I think that other's who have pain problems. can help me with their experiences and suggestions, so again, I truly appreciate the responses!
Since my last serveing experiments had steered me towards hitting with more racquet weight, I added lead to all my sticks and the one that gave me the best results, without any extra weight, was an old Head Liquidmetal 5, that has a 107" head and is .5" longer, too. It's 10.5 oz weight, unstrung and 7 pt.head heavy balance is totally opposite from all the others in my bag.
The MOST strenous thing i do, is my own personal practicing of my serve, alone. I hit about 50 balls on one side of the court, serving and then hit back the ones from the other end of the court with ground strokes.
I will have to forgo any further re-development of my own game and experimenting with stringing, to let my arm/hand back..heal so i can continue on rediscovering the fantasick sport we all love!
I will continue coaching the kids, but I will cut down the sessions to once a week and use my LEFT hand, although it, too is affected, but not as much as the right. I play one handed b-hands and do demonstrate hitting with 2, so I'm not sure why it would be affect, too?
For a while, the pain seemed to go away WHILE I was playing and for a time there after, only bothering me at night, waking me up in the morning with painful, tingly numb hands.
"if it works, don't FIX IT" is a good adage, but "if it HURTS, STOP DOING WHAT MAKES IT HURT!", makes MORE sence at this time, I think.
I will have REAL trouble avoiding even bouncing the ball on my racquet, sitting in my room while watching tennis, which i do a LOT of, too!
did I mention..?
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