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Originally Posted by Faithfulfather View Post
Thanks for everything guys. I may just switch stringing rooms and get a floor model.
since you said you're super anal, save up and upgrade to a good flour standing machine. i started out thinking the lower end models would serve my needs. i went from 3 different eagnas machines and finally upgraded to the ektelon neos 1000 thinking that i would never upgrade again. then got the gamma 6004. then got the wise. finally ended up w/ a babolat sensor. i'm pretty anal too and after using each machine for awhile, i found something that i wasn't happy with and began to look for a better machine. while there are things that i don't like about the sensor, it's got the fewest shortcomings of all the machines i had previously owned so i just have to accept it.

however, when i find something that's better, i'll definitely switch. i have a feeling i'll eventually end up w/ a Stringway auto dropweight. someday.

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