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Originally Posted by ga tennis View Post
I am getting frustrated!!! My daughter goes to public school and doesnt get home till after 4;00. When she gets home she is usually tired from a long day at school. All of her tennis friends are homeschooled. She usually practices around an hour and a half a day and tournaments on the weekend. Im just concerned that with her going to regular school she is not getting enough time on the court. I wanna put her with her academy full time but cant afford it. So my question to you guys is do you think an hour and a half is enough for a girl that just turned 11????
GA, I'm in the same boat (but my daughter is 12). There is no clear cut answer (I've accepted this). We spend about the same time per day on average (1.5 hrs.; 5-6x per week) as you do and we make it very structured and focused (quality over quantity). Many times we have no choice b/c we live in a snow state so getting indoor courts is very difficult b/c the clubs reserve the courts for adult play (that's how they make $) . . . talk about frustrating

I've come to realize that because there is no playbook, no one has all the answers, and no one knows the exact ingredients of the elite athlete (we know elements, but not everything and not to mention luck and a sprinkle from God), we developed a customized program specifically for my daughter based on what keeps her leaving the court with a smile. For example, we don't play excessive number of tournaments b/c she doesn't like it and she said, I need time in-between to work on my game. We don't put her on the courts for 3-4 hrs. per day b/c that turns tennis into a chore for her and it impacts her school (she is straight A's/Dean's List and she is very proud of that). We always choose school before tennis . . . finals tomorrow, no tennis today

We don't chase points but play enough so she can qualify for good level tournaments. After that, let the chips fall where they may. The academy route is a non-starter for us and, fact is, they haven't produced much lately either. There's so much crap out there . . .
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