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Originally Posted by BobbyOne View Post
pc1, I'm very glad you mention Rosewall's great feat at the French Pro (on clay)and Wembley which he won three years in a row (1960s to 1962). He actually had only one or two days for travelling from Paris to London and to adapt his game from the slowest surface to the (probably) fastest one. All these tournaments had 16 strong participants. Yes, I rate this run as a greater one than even Borg's famous run because Borg had two full weeks to transform his game from clay to grass.

Alone with this achievement Rosewall is for me a GOAT contender.

It's a shame that this probably greatest feat of Rosewall is almost unknown. Therefore a great Thank you to you, pc1.
It helped that the opposition was weaker than in 1958 or 1959.
Rosewall played the 1960 4-man, which sharpened his game for these.
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