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Originally Posted by Faithfulfather View Post
Maddog1, What didn't you like about the neos 1000?
i owned the ektelon and not the prince neos 1000. from what i was told by JC at tennismachines, the ektelons are better than the prince quality wise. it was by far the best lockout machine i tried. the turntable was very solid; no flexing like the gamma & eagnas. the tension bar was the thickest and resisted flexing better than the gamma & eagnas. the glide bar clamps had VERY little drawback. what i didn't like was that the glidebars don't work for fan patterns unless significant modifications are made. 2ndly, if i wanted CP capability, the only way was to add a wise and i had to deal w/ herb before and didn't really want to deal with him again. you never know when the wise you'll get the flashing digit error which can only be reset and cleared by wise.

you already have the wise and don't plan to sell it so this won't be an issue. if you have no intention of stringing any fan pattern sticks, that would be a non-issue as well. i originally started off just stringing my own racquets, but started stringing for some of the guys i play with so i wanted a machine that could handle any string pattern - straight or fan.

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