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Default Klippermate new stringer

Page 7 bottom and page 8 top - yes I believe so.
Will take a closeup pic tomorrow and post it. Seems like the only way it will work.

Holds the tension OK.

I finished the mains and left it 'til tomorrow and will do the crosses.

I think I lost a bit of tension because of the wide fan spread of this racquet mains at the top. The Klippermate clamps are just not big enough for that.

But, for a "practice" run on a racquet that I never use, should be OK.
I think will be better on a smaller racquet - my Prince POG is also 16x19 but much smaller string widths 'cuz head is smaller.

Most difficult part is getting started - once you get going (and grasp the concept) it goes pretty fast.

Good luck to me tomorrow.


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