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Originally Posted by LeeD View Post
Tired from a day at school?
Something is wrong with her. Or she's exxagerating to get out of homework or practice.
Every athelete I know went to school from 8-3, went to practice from 3:30 to 6, and some like me went to work from 8-11PM, napping during transport times.
Swimmers practice morning and afternoons, and most have jobs.
Did you read the OP? She gets home at 4. It can happen based on whether she uses school bus, public transportation, or gets picked up by a parent at a certain time.

This was the main reason we moved into a condo 2 blocks from school when my son entered high school. It is a 5 minute walk.

I know kids who come to the club at 3:30 after finishing school at 3. It requires good traffic and small distances, and eating something in the car.

School is different from when you were a kid. Classes are exhausting as the demands are more. Competition is much higher since your days.
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