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Originally Posted by TCF View Post
Lee, I would only add that the amount of homework these days is many hours more than when I went to school. Its crazy how much work most kids have to take home now.
Not really here in CA. The homework is very controlled till high school. Starts from 15 minutes a day in Kindergarten and maxes out at maybe 45 minutes in the 8th grade, with many times the homework already "completed" in school.

High school 9 and 10 were also easy. Maybe 1.5 hours max. But now in the 11th grade with APs, it is up to 2.5 hours (max). And weekends too.

Very manageable indeed.

As a side note to you parents: Singapore which has the largest short-sight problem in the world has done research and figured out that excessive reading (due to homework) till the 5th grade is a key factor. After that it does not seem to matter. You will notice immediately how many kids in Singapore wear glasses. So, please do not burden your kids with other than the minimum mandatory homework in elementary school. It is bad for their health, and does not help at all later. No one really cares about academic performance in elementary school.
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