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Originally Posted by pc1 View Post
Many people believe Nastase was the most gifted player of all time. He certainly had every shot and some shots not invented. Always thought that perhaps the most fun imaginary match I could see would be Nastase at his best against Federer on any surface.

I will name a couple of others for anticipation and speed along with the ones you mentioned--Borg and Rosewall.
I agree with Borg. He had to have had great anticipation to be who he is. My only thought was if you saw the ball go to the corner, Bjorn would run it down and hit it with a 9 foot, looping stroke. It was just amazing how fast he was. But I always thought that Nastase, Mac, Hingis and Mecir had that ability to predict where the ball was going before it got to the corner because they made great gets and they weren't classical fast like Borg or Chang. Federer was always that fast. Or maybe I just mean these players always had great court position. Maybe I'm wrong. Maybe I'm hyperbole.
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