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Originally Posted by TCF View Post
I like CA system then better. In FL., every school and teacher is graded and have huge incentives to have kids score well on FCAT and other standardized tests. My daughter's 7 year old friend carries homework home that boggles my mind.
Same here. They are called CST (California Standardized Tests) and were a by-product of NCLB. It means students are taught what is required very thoroughly as the school's funding depends on that, but on the other hand it has failed where the funds are lacking in general. Testing does not turn a bad situation into a good one, just shows it is bad. Many schools have been penalized for their poor API scores but the reason is really the demographics - schools can't do anything about that. Which means that NCLB has also been a nice excuse for the school districts to ask for more money.

The standardized tests also mean that teachers have become like corporate employees. Polite but distant, no wasted words, and no digressions into side topics. In other words, no memorable, eccentric teachers you loved or hated. They do their job like robots, they go home.
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