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[QUOTE=TCF;7110658] The fact is the vast majority of girls do not love tennis.[/QUOTE

The vast majority of girls (or boys) may not love tennis b/c the parents are not creating a tennis environment that breeds and nurtures that love and that's unique to the individual kid . . .

As you say, for some, that may be 5-6 hrs. per day and, as I said, for others it may be 2 hrs. per day, or every other day . . . and some may add 30 min. every year and be dominate later and playing considerably more than they did at 12 yrs. old b/c it happened naturally.

The fact is, 5-6 hrs. per day doesn't guarantee anything. If that is what the kids wants, heck yea, do it. If not, create a program that they do love (or find what they love). In this junior tennis world, most girls and boys do not like tennis b/c many parents force too many daily tennis hours on the kids and kids naturally do not want to disappoint their parents and go along with it. I've seen it over and over and I'm sure you have.
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