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Originally Posted by Cameron View Post
I will eat more... and also, I didn't say this before, but one of my teammates told me I should lose 5 pounds, guess I shouldn't listen to her
Don't listen to her. You are in fantastic shape. I'm a nutrition prof and registered dietitian, board certified in nutrition support and sports dietetics, formerly ACSM certified exercise specialist (let it slide because I don't use it anymore). Not bragging about credentials, just listing them so you don't think my advice is Internet garbage.

Ideal bodyweight for your height is 140# and IBW is notoriously low, particularly in muscular, athletic individuals (you). You don't need to be one ounce lighter. As others have said, just work on your fitness, weights, drills, etc. And as others have mentioned, eat MORE, not less. Typical calorie recommendations for your age group = 25-30 calories per kilo. Rounding you up to 62 kg gives you 1550-1860 calories per day. Athletes typically need at least 300 addtional kcal, so if you want to start on the low end, just use 1800-1850 calories per day as a starting point. Everyone's metabolism is different, so you may need to adjust up or down, slightly. As for protein for a competetive tennis athlete, 1.2-1.5 g/kg should suffice, which puts you at 75-90 g/day or 17-20% of total calories on an 1800 calorie diet. Good luck with your training.
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