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Originally Posted by hhollines View Post

True....5-6 hours does not guarantee a thing.

But having a girl who is athletic, talented, and LOVES tennis, vs having one with the same attributes but tolerates tennis.

I would think the tennis lover is the better long term prospect.
I agree with you . . . "love" vs. "tolerate," I couldn't agree more. My daughter LOVES tennis but not 5 hrs. per day and that's my point. 2 hrs. is fine for her and over time, she may add more court and down the road play 3, 4, or 5 hrs. a day but this is why it's an individual thing and I'll take 90 minutes of pure focus vs. 3 hrs. of crap (I'm sure you agree). If you get 5 hrs. of focus, that's great for that individual. Truth be told, at 5 hrs. a day, my daughter's grades would likely suffer unless we home schooled and that's no option for my family (education first).

However, you can do amazing things with "love" and a "smile," and it can grow.

Most juniors "tolerate" or "hate" tennis because of their parents (at least from what I've experienced).
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