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Originally Posted by IB1B4U View Post
They maybe young, but they have old lady names.
LOL well said!!

Googled and found this:

How did you get into tennis?

I have a non-identical twin sister and when we were five years old my mum put us in these weekly groups where we would play games like jumping through hoops and bouncing balloons. We would only play tennis for ten minutes out of the hour and I hated those groups because I just wanted to play more tennis. My parents realised I really wanted to play more so I started playing tennis around three times a week in groups and then in private lessons. I played my first tournament when I was eight and travelled internationally when I was nine and that was when I realised I wanted to make a career out of tennis.

Tell us about your family

I have a twin sister who is six minutes older than me but I am four inches taller! I also have a younger sister and a younger brother.

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