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I have to say, to follow Chelsea in this season has been one of the most amusing football experiences I had in the last few years (outside it's defeat to Corinthians at the end of World Club Finals)

The helicopter stuff is of course a bit of an exaggeration but as in many legends there is some true in that.

You're saying Sampa is more expensive than NYC
Last time a saw in two rankings, São Paulo (and Rio) were ahead of New York and nearly all major cities from western Europe in cost of living. Our currency lost some value in the last months so it mighty have had some improvement in this field, but supposing you are going to receive your pay-check in Reais, this won't help you in anything. Great for tourists.

I know football is popular, but is playing a pick-up match pretty easy to do? I'm a big fan of playing a proper 11 a side match if it's possible
I guess that's more dependent of your social circle than court availability. To get 22 guys to play in a certain hour, in a certain place might not be the easiest thing in the world. I would say it's very dependable on lucky. You make a friend, he has a friend that already belongs a group that uses to play regularly is probably the easiest way around. When I go to some public parks, the larger fields are normally the ones that are less used.

Also, is tennis big at all down there
No, it is not. It got on the spotlight during Guga's time, but that it is far behind now.
Tennis has the second best tv coverage of all the sports. Of course it is pay television only. Only Brasil open is aired on convencional tv.

he says she's from an area called Jardins, and that their apartment's got a few courts
That means that it is likely a very high-level building to have tennis courts in one of most expensive areas from city. Jardins means gardens, it is a more of a generic term to assign a region of city than a formally delimited area. Nice place

The public court availability is limited as I talked before, you would have to share it most of the time. There is many places with courts to rent, but is fairly expensive last time I checked. Join a club would be the best thing to do, since you also want to exercise and swim. The question is if you would live nearby clubs that aren't prohibitively expensive or\and are willing to accept new members. I remember Ronaldo having problems to join the most expensive club because he needed the indication of several members.

Speaking of which, what football club should I support when I move down there?

Which one do you support
the one above

are they any good?
Do you mean the one I support? Well.......that is...... a tricky question I have to say

And do you know anything of the music scene down in Sao Paulo? I produce music for fun and in addition to obviously going to the clubs, I am always looking for other people to collaborate with and knowing where a bunch of musicians hang out is always helpful.
Not really much

What part of the city do you live in? Is it nice; would you reccomend it?
I live in a district called Perdizes. It is a nice place overall, not far away from the region where the apartment of your buddy's mother it is
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