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Originally Posted by TCF View Post

I agree with you . . . "love" vs. "tolerate," I couldn't agree more. My daughter LOVES tennis but not 5 hrs. per day and that's my point. 2 hrs. is fine for her and over time, she may add more court and down the road play 3, 4, or 5 hrs. a day but this is why it's an individual thing and I'll take 90 minutes of pure focus vs. 3 hrs. of crap (I'm sure you agree). If you get 5 hrs. of focus, that's great for that individual. Truth be told, at 5 hrs. a day, my daughter's grades would likely suffer unless we home schooled and that's no option for my family (education first).

However, you can do amazing things with "love" and a "smile," and it can grow.

Most juniors "tolerate" or "hate" tennis because of their parents (at least from what I've experienced).
Keep posting you seem to really understand the process. People can learn ALOT from you.
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