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Originally Posted by The Big Kahuna View Post
With all due respect, you seem to be all over the place. You are changing string and tensions randomly with no system or reference point in mind. At the same time you are asking for advice on the subject and then refuting any that is given. Spend some time online and do some reading on the subject.

There are many excellent threads here on the subject as well as other sites. Research a method of testing, what result you desire, and what strings are best reviewed that might fit your budget that obtain the performance you seek. Then test them yourself and gather and compile your findings.

It does no good for you to ask for suggestions if you simply want to debate the advice given. I would read back over what SMASHER has told you here (at least four times) and start there.

Good luck.
Oh I'm not denying it we just had a differing in opinion on what produced spin like thousands of others and I was wrong. I said earlier, admittedly, my tensions were too high. I've done tons of research on strings. which is one of the reasons why I decided to try this setup and a poly cross. I've read countless reviews on stringfourm and know my game and how I play and what I like. I've also played with numerous polys before so have some basis to go off here. He said go up to a 17g and yonex dosent make a 17g. So ill use this prince xp which has good reviews as a cross, elasticity and when strung low should produce more spin than my last setup. Less surface area touching the mains therefore producing less friction ( more snapback ). Yonex isn't shaped very well. So it sat like a flat surface because of its size directly on the 18g notching easily plus a good amount of string movement. It played nice but I feel like a 17g smooth poly with a coating strung low will obviously be better.
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