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The extended Blade98 experiment is a 'no-go' gentlemen.

Played last night with my buddy's tecnifibre 320 XL, the older one., 18x20. Could not get in a groove, except off the 2hdr. Felt really awkward. Maybe an hour session wasn't enough but I felt as if I was getting too much extension on everything and lost my timing/control.

Really got in a nice tempo with the MgPresMid (yes.. I know... again!). Reminded me of why I like the head-light, heavier sticks. Smoother strokes, less erratic and effortless power/placement on serve.

Always mod any stick I have (or try to) to reach that 330gr PresMid unstrung weight. Just got so used to that spec over the many years of playing with it. Might just go back to it, despite the hawks.

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