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Originally Posted by timnz View Post
The World Covered Court Championships didn't have that deep a field, but it still was officially a major. Other tournaments have had lean times in terms of depth of field but we still credit the winners with major champion wins on their record eg Wimbledon 1972 and 1973, Australian Open 1972 to 1982. I have seen people try to avoid counting Cochet's 2 World Covered Court Championships as major wins, for instance. They were official majors so they count.
Official Majors are obviously irreplaceable today, nobody will doubt about them, but until 1982 tennis history had a lot of troubles as you know.
That's why, as I've said many times, until 1982 I'm not interested in what was official and what was not.
If a tournament had no deep fields, it was not an effective Major, but only a nominal one. Nobody take away Cochet's 2 WCCC from his résumé, but they just weren't that big.
Nobody considers Patterson one of the best players in 1927, even if he won the Australian Champs, because it was just a nominal Major, with no effective importance (just look at its field).
On the contrary, the 1927 Davis Cup won by Lacoste and Cochet against Tilden and Johnston was considered an earthquake in tennis history.
Try to go back in 1927 with a DeLorean and ask Patterson if he would have changed his Australian Champs with the Davis Cup. We all know what he would have answered.

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