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Originally Posted by CCNM View Post
I read Roger Clemens' tweet in response to being snubbed on some other website. He just lost my last ounce of respect. I do, however, agree with other fans who say that if Clemens, Bonds, McGwire, Sosa, and others get elected then the HOF should let Pete Rose (gambling) in.
Different animal.

Pete Rose used his position as manager to bet on his games. He bet on games he played in. Everyone knows thats a big no no since the Black Sox scandal. Also Rose was thrown out of the league something Clemens and Bonds never had happen.

These guys where doing things that the league knew of. Of course they knew that the players where on funky things but they didnt care until all the sudden PED's became public knowledge. Now the players they rode to financial gain are being tossed aside.
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