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Originally Posted by chico9166 View Post
great post...yeah I was going to mention this, but was afraid I'd get grounded by Suresh.
LOL do you even know what he is talking about? Contributes 4 times to what? You thought speed right? It is starting direction. He is saying the face angle determines the launch angle to a great extent.

Are we talking about the launch angle here? No. You should at least read before you post.

The ball should roughly go perpendicular to the string plane, so the face angle will be the main factor. It is so obvious. We are discussing extension and across movements here.

But this is a great teaching moment.

A short swing from close to the ball is called what? A put.

Is the drive done by bringing the club head close to the ball and then accelerating? Or does the swing start gaining movement from way back over the head on the other side and then explode into the ball? Does the golfer gently find and catch the ball and then accelerate on the drive?

If he does that, he would be putting. In tennis, the ball would not even clear the net.
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