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Originally Posted by canny View Post
Oh I'm not denying it we just had a differing in opinion on what produced spin like thousands of others and I was wrong. I said earlier, admittedly, my tensions were too high. I've done tons of research on strings. which is one of the reasons why I decided to try this setup and a poly cross. I've read countless reviews on stringfourm and know my game and how I play and what I like. I've also played with numerous polys before so have some basis to go off here. He said go up to a 17g and yonex dosent make a 17g. So ill use this prince xp which has good reviews as a cross, elasticity and when strung low should produce more spin than my last setup. Less surface area touching the mains therefore producing less friction ( more snapback ). Yonex isn't shaped very well. So it sat like a flat surface because of its size directly on the 18g notching easily plus a good amount of string movement. It played nice but I feel like a 17g smooth poly with a coating strung low will obviously be better.
Canny, despite admitting you were wrong about something, you're still coming across as argumentative and a bit of a bull*******. I don't think that's what you're intending at all, but that's why BK (who is very generous with his advice and knowledge) said what he's said. It's not tough to see his point.

For someone who's done "tons of research" (more impressive if it was tonnes) and read "countless reviews" (I can count well into the thousands before I get bored), you're making some pretty novel and, well, unorthodox choices here. Especially for an authoritative writer who's played with "numerous polys".

I'm not trying to be unfairly critical here, but can you see what I'm getting at?

For someone seeking advice (strange considering the extensive and authoritative knoweldge asserted by your choice of diction) you do seem spectacularly resistant to taking it. And, realistically, your initial choice of gauges in your mains and crosses was probably the precise opposite of what most well-researched players would select.

I do have a fair bit of experience teaching people in their teens, so I'm not too bothered. I'm also fully in favour of letting people experiment and sharing what they learn: that's what's motivated me to start threads like this and keep on going.

You're certainly welcome to contribute here: an open mind and a willingness to learn and take advice are all that is asked for. I apppreciate that you're still learning how to interact with people over 25 on these boards, so don't take this negatively, but those of us who are of a certain age (lol sorry) are pretty good at calling out anyone who we see as trying to convince others (usually badly) that they know a lot more than they really do.

So anyway, even though you're someone who "knows his game" as well as you do (suggesting that he has nothing to learn from others) you're welcome to keep on contributing here, and I'd still love to see some video of your strokes.
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