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Still using my beast mode IGMP at 12.83 oz. My most frequent hitting partner has gone through 3 rackets since... a Wilson BLX6.1 95, a PS88 and now a Dunlop 200 lite.

Ive switched to tough gut mains with silverstring crosses and this thing feels so good. The flex of the IG works well with the gut mains and its improved my backhand returns and backhand slices as well as my first serve percentages (forcing me to let the racket swing naturally through the ball).

Overall this setup has improved my serve an volley game... depth on forehands and general ability to change direction with one handed topspin backhands. Returns are lethal.

only minus is on low pace mid court dinkers and mishits... I can live with that especially when I get to the net... negating no mans land shenanigans.
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