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Originally Posted by corners View Post
I'm with you on both guys. Maybe the highest upside of any of the early 20s prospects. Both fun to watch too, which is fantastic.

I went through a big football phase some years ago, totally geeked out with stats (!) and such, then lived abroad and didn't hardly watch a game for years, switching to tennis and global football. Watched a couple NFL games this winter and I have to say, Football Sucks compared to tennis.
Yeah, I'm really excited to see how they handle themselves. Those are the two guys I'm really going to be eyeing early on, and on a much larger level, I really have a feeling Tsonga could be primed for a very big run. Have yet to look at his draw, though -- about to go check those out, I just heard about Murray of course ending up in Federer's draw again. Ugh.

On Football, it really makes a huge difference if you have a horse in the race. I'm from Houston so it's been a big year with the Texans, though I am fully prepared for a possible demise on Sunday, as we are just having such an awful finish to the year, including last week's very ugly win over the Bengals. The other big thing that gets me into football: fantasy football. That stupid game makes following the game and parking your butt on the Sunday couch very, very addicting.

But of course, in total agreement: tennis is king. In fact I'm even a much bigger baseball guy than football, but tennis is king. It's sad to me that the interest in the game in the States is waning so much at the moment while it seems to be thriving elsewhere. US tennis desperately needs a men's star to emerge, but it doesn't look like we're close to seeing a legitimate Slam contender anytime soon.

Originally Posted by klementine79 View Post
The extended Blade98 experiment is a 'no-go' gentlemen.

Played last night with my buddy's tecnifibre 320 XL, the older one., 18x20. Could not get in a groove, except off the 2hdr. Felt really awkward. Maybe an hour session wasn't enough but I felt as if I was getting too much extension on everything and lost my timing/control.

Really got in a nice tempo with the MgPresMid (yes.. I know... again!). Reminded me of why I like the head-light, heavier sticks. Smoother strokes, less erratic and effortless power/placement on serve.

Always mod any stick I have (or try to) to reach that 330gr PresMid unstrung weight. Just got so used to that spec over the many years of playing with it. Might just go back to it, despite the hawks.

What a crazy rackoholic world?.... what a world?.
Extended length can definitely be an adjustment. If going back to the Mid game, Klem, I've got a good deal on a couple of Mids (a battered but well hitting MG Mid, and a 2012 Black Ace) in the FS section, if interested. Would add a racaholic card-carrier discount for you as well, or even be up for trading for the Black Blade if you're not into it anymore. But no pressure or anything, just mentioning it one last time since looking to close that FS thread up.

Finally, where art though, Rossy? Starting to get a bit worried that we haven't heard from our fearless leader.
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