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Originally Posted by Faithfulfather View Post
Neos 1000 or Gamma 6004? Which one should I get?
i have no firsthand experience w/ the newer prince neos 1000. but having owned the gamma 6004 and the older neos 1000 here are the pros and cons of both.

gamma 6004:
pros: swivel clamps, new machines have improved brake (detent system), quick self centering mounting, 360 degree rotation
cons: turntable flexes noticeably, tension bar flexes more than the older neos, more clamp drawback.

older neos 1000:
pros: less clamp drawback, turntable doesn't flex, tension bar is thicker resisting flexing better, quick 2 pt mounting.
cons: glidebar clamps can't do fan patterns, disc brake isn't as secure as the detent system of the new gammas, lack of 360 degree rotation

depends on what's important to you. based on what you've mentioned earlier, i would go w/ the neos. less drawback and greater turntable and tension bar rigidity gets way more points in my book.

forgot to mention, i preferred the feel of the stringbed when i strung my sticks on the neos vs the gamma.

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