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Originally Posted by coaching32yrs View Post
Coach: Please provide a little background on Madison Brengle. Did she go to USTA HP? For how long? If not, where did she train. I watched her match at Aussie Open qualies last night and would be interested to know about her training.
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If I remember, she was coached mostly by her mom. But I think she also worked later on with Paul Roetert who is a USTA man.
Saw Madison played World Team Tennis, after she was back from AO several years ago. She had solid back hand, so so forehand and volley, and a very very weak 2nd serve. Yes, she was trained by her mom growing up. She benefited a lot by hitting with a few top high school boys. Had a feeling that she was not trained "the right way". Just looked at the stats of her match - she failed to win a single point on her 2nd serves (0/15), even though the average speed of her 2nd serves was 73 miles/hr, faster than she served at the WTT that looked like in 50s. Still remembered her mom was quoted in a local paper that her daughter lost her 1st RD of AO because her knee was injured. But she continued to play and won a couple of matches in junior AO. The mom was big in junior team tennis and she even tried to add her daughter on her team after she turned pro.
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