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Originally Posted by Backhanded Compliment View Post
Magnut I agree... I learned playing with wood and I feel there is simply more quality to my stroke when Im using at least 12.3 oz sticks in a rather headlight setup. My 12.83 OZ beast mode IGMP Prestige (8.5 pts HL) has improved every part of my game by forcing a more natural and relaxed stroke.
Glad to hear its working for you. I should probably add that I am full grown and I train like a choo-choo. After reading a lot of the posts here I am guessing there are a lot of teenagers and younger on this forum whose bodies have not been developed. The focus seems to be on equipment with these younger players instead of development of the body and technique. If they stick with the sport in the long run they too will realize the benefits of heavier frames and clean strokes. look at the pros for instance. Almost none use these lighter frames.

Hitting the shots is the easy part of this game. The mind is where the difficulty comes in. Once you get that figured out its all about keeping the body together and holding on to the movement. When I was a teenager 8 hour days on the court were not uncommon. Now I spend 3 hours a day in the gym (sometimes more), a good hour of stretching and core at home, and maybe 15 hours a week on court when I am really practicing.

All this obsessing over clothes and shoes is kind of silly to me. My favorite playing clothes are rags LOL. Some of the crowd think I am a bumb out on the courts. Once we have a hit and a giggle they change their minds though.

I mean honestly...most of these racquets dont even weigh a pound. If you are having trouble with a 12-13 ounce racquet you need to develop some shoulder and forearm strength. Most of its core and wieght transfer anyways. These racquets being made today feel like junior racquets from walmart to me.

I am not ragging on you young guys here just trying to give some input on where to best put your priorities if you want to develop in this sport. Good god beef beef your legs up kids. Tennis players have thick solid legs that can take a lot of pounding and abuse. Some of these younger players I am seeing wont last ten years in this sport without knee injuries.
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