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corners, i'm not gadsy, but i can tell you what it's like on the other side of the court. with the lightweight player's sticks, gads doesn't get enough court penetration on the ball. lots of spin, but without the heaviness, the balls land short or sit up

with the extended length TGK, otherwise known as the "stick of Zeus", it is so hard to hit through gads. the ball comes back like a ton of bricks. even defensive stabs get lofted back deep and the slices are positively devilish. Evil with a capital E straight from the gates of hell. he's just so solid w/ the long stick of zeus.

matched with the TB/Iontec Hexa stringbed, the action that he gets on the ball makes it so hard to handle. the ball accelerates off the bounce on TS drives often with unpredictable sideways movt as well...heavy balls w/ lots of unpredictable spin are tough to handle. then he mixes in a few low skidding slices that either accelerate or die off the bounce. + i see less UEs from him now. can't see him using anything else.

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