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Originally Posted by Prostaffer View Post
The golf short and pants they make are the best hands down. I'm not one to say something that blatant. However, I have worn Nike Tennis polos to the course. I prefer the more athletic cut of the Tennis gear. In recent years they have improved the fit of their stuff. The TW stuff was actually the closest to a tennis fit, but the prices are out of this world. IMO you are better off buying tennis polos on sale than a golf polo.
I visited my local golfing chain today. They were major Nike Golf apparel stockists. As a non-golfer, it was a revelation. I noticed Nike offers a slimfit shirt range that is generically labelled "Sport", as opposed to "Tour Performance". So I'm presuming the Sport range is designed with an eye to crossover non-golf uses. The detailing is great, even if it's still just Dri-Fit stuff.

The shorts, as you say, are excellent and in my climate, a much better option for streetwear. Nike Golf, here I come
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