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I am getting frustrated!!! My daughter goes to public school and doesnt get home till after 4;00. When she gets home she is usually tired from a long day at school. All of her tennis friends are homeschooled. She usually practices around an hour and a half a day and tournaments on the weekend. Im just concerned that with her going to regular school she is not getting enough time on the court. I wanna put her with her academy full time but cant afford it. So my question to you guys is do you think an hour and a half is enough for a girl that just turned 11????
GA Tennis

It's true that there is no real blue print on this. For me, it comes down to what goal your family and your daughter have for tennis. From my experience, the only way for my daughter to become the best tennis player she can be, 2 hours a day was not near enough. My daughter stopped regular schooling at age 14 and focus on tennis training full time. Simply put, she had too much work to do on her overall game and we could not do it in a two hours window everyday. As an example, her forehand took us over one hour daily to work on the fundamentals and it took probably a good two years before she could use it consistently in tournament play. To add to this, my daughter played a full time traveling schedule since she was 14 so regular schooling was out of the picture. Again, this works for us because my daughter bought into the process and this is not recommended for everyone. My son was trained the same way and he quit tennis cold turkey when he turned 15. He attended regular school.

Her tennis schedule for the past 5 years has been up at 7am, footwork, roadwork and strength conditioning from 8am to 11am. Lunch and online schoolwork from 11 to 2pm. We hit the courts from 2pm to 6pm. This is the normal schedule the weeks without tournaments and we did this without fail.

On another note, if you don't have a good coach to work on the fundamentals properly, a full time schedule is no more than time wasted for your daughter. I have seen full time tennis academies that look more like summer camps for kids to have fun than a serious tennis training program.

Good luck!
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