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Yep, MD just about covered it. It's just such an effortless big banger no matter if I'm going after the ball or if I'm just punching a defensive ball. Everything just seems to land deep. With the lighter frames, more short balls. On the forehand side I hit with a LOT of spin. It's just my tendency. With the lighter sticks, that spin gets to be too much sometimes and I'm hitting spinners that hit around the service line. The tgk, I'm still getting serious spin but it just hits THROUGH the ball more and most everything is in the back half of the court. While sometimes I'd like more maneuverability and angles (which I get with my standard length Radicals), it's tough to deny the ability of constantly peppering the ball near the baseline and keeping the other guy back behind there. Much the same on serves, too, where I actually seem to get more aces with my more whippy, standard-length Rads because of the angles I seem to get, but the .2 keeps the ball so consistently heavy both on first and second serves that I seem to get a load of service winners and/or sitters for returns. And as MD mentioned, the slice. Holy cow, can this thing carve through a tennis ball on that shot.

The No. 1 shot I feel like I've gained with the tgk more than any other, though, is the service return. That depth-of-shot I was talking about, I just feel like if I'm getting my stick on a serve, I'm getting into the point because I know the ball is going back deep. A mere outstretched stab at the ball still gets the ball back near the baseline, and on softer second serves I'm just going after the ball and getting a ton of points on that shot, or triggered by that shot by just getting it at the feet of the server with a really tough shot that immediately swings the point in my direction.

I'd say the only things that are less than stellar with the .2 are A) down the line shots, especially on the run. That's a shot I just seem to be able to make more easily with a stiffer and lighter frame -- like my standard-length Rad, which has a firmer feel and directs the ball more on a line. The flexiness of my .2 can sometimes slide the ball just a tad wide of the target, but I am getting a better feel for that. And B) there are times when I feel the weight and added length of the .2 against lighter hitting players or guys that do a lot of change-of-pace. The other day I played against a guy who did a ton of this (soft shot followed by a heater followed by another change-up), and I seemed to be better able to adjust on the fly -- and create my own pace at the last second from basically nothing -- with the lighter and more maneuverable stick.

So I'm still dabbling with the lighter, standard tgk Rad (weighs about 11.7 compared to the 12.0 extended) depending on how I'm feeling and who I'm playing, but all in all, the extended tgk is the truly 'special' stick and most definitely my No. 1 and main squeeze. It just puts a smile on my face time and time again with what it can do and also how amazingly plush it feels.
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