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And thanks for the Texans shout-out. We need all the positive vibes we can get heading into New England again on Sunday. Everyone thinks we'll get trounced again, and they're probably right, but of course there's a glimmer of hope that we can somehow return to being the team we were in the first 12 weeks of the season instead of the last five. And our playcalling has to get more creative and bold.

Also, just looked at the AO draw. As a Federer guy, I'm not feeling very well. Paire, Davydenko, Tomic, Raonic, Tsonga, Murray and Djokovic could be his path. I see potential danger in every one of those guys, certainly any of them can push him into some long matches if they're loose and feeling good. I say Tsonga takes him out in the quarter, then possibly upsets Murray, and then loses to Djokovic in the final?

Who does everyone else like?
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