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Not too bad for your level (3.0?). You don't take big back swings, and make contacts in front. Always keep your body in front of your body.

Looks like your grip might be incorrect or you are not comfortable using continental grip. FH volley is definitely stronger than BH volley.

One big flaw I see is your footwork. They shouldn't be sliding and moving when you are making the contact. Another thing is how you move to the ball. You want to "intercept" the ball. It means that you need to move diagonally forward to go out to receive (or hit) the ball. A good example is the FH volley you make between 44-46 seconds. You should not be moving horizontally across, rather you should be moving diagonally forward.

You see the pros, they turn and take a step forward (given that they can reach the ball with this step).
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