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Originally Posted by uscmba02 View Post
I'm in. Coming from the Rebel 98 to Tour 100 16x18. So far, couldn't be happier.

One is strung with VS / PHT at 58 / 54 and the other with champions choice gut mains at 58 /54. Both set ups are great but I think I like the VS / PHT a little more.

I had some elbow issues developing and I played 8 sets Tuesday trading out Tours each set and I had zero issues the next day.
How does the revel 98 stack up to the tour? I was really interested in getting one at one point. The review suggested a well rounded frame and was stable for a light weight. My groundstrokes and return of serve suffer noticebly from the lack of stability in stock form.
Prince Response 97 - With 1.5 grams at 3 and 9 each.
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