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Originally Posted by DolgoSantoro View Post
I have one, today I noticed that when Safin hits a backhand he juts his left elbow out like he's trying to elbow someone behind his back. You can see it in this clip

So just for kicks I tried it out and noticed I was hitting my backhand a lot cleaner and harder.
I just have to dig this one up and thank the OP for this input. My 2hbh has been pretty awful. From the start I have tried to adopt the both-hands-straight-takeback and I just have never got the timing right for different paces and ball heights. So when the matches matter and going gets tough I have mainly sliced all my backhands. But its a shot to only hold me in point.
For a month now I have tried to emulate what Safin does/did and boy how it has changed my game from the backhand side. I have much better control, better topspin, get cleaner contact, more power if needed and I can return a serve with two hands now. I still have a lot of work to do with my backhand but this tip has helped me immensely. Thank you!
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