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Originally Posted by SystemicAnomaly View Post
^ Singles is for people with mediocre reflexes, suspect volleying skills and an inability to master teamwork and complex strategy skills.

To the OP -- try some doubles drills with targets set up in the alley.

Doubles is for fat, out of shape, slow people that have no endurance and cannot take the pressure of singles. Because in dubs every time they lose they blame their partner.

Doubles is more like volley ball than tennis, get to the net and hit a volley or the biggest thrill smash a floater with overhead standing 3 feet from the net, wow that is awesome. Of course that is a big thrill because most cannot hit anything forcing from the back court.

I watch the top guys at my club playing dubs, the average point lasts 3 shots. The majority of the time is spent picking up the balls and getting ready to serve.
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