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Originally Posted by sbengte View Post
^^^ Thanks for sharing that !

Yes, I get that part. What I don't get is why don't we see athletes from other sports also get it assuming they work equally hard. Unless we accept that tennis is the most physically demanding sport of them all (travel, fitness training included).
I think the sheer length of the tennis season has alot to do with it.
There is alot of travel with say professional baseball and basketball. But their seasons are half the length of tennis and it doesnt feature international travel, going from one continent to another.

Baseball goes from april til oct1 for most players. Then an additional month or so for the playoffs and world series. Tennis predates the baseball season by 3 months and lasts one month longer. NBA season is roughly nov-may maybe 1st week of june. Granted, the tennis season starts two months after basketball, but also lasts an extra 6 months.

SO i think the training, competetition and travel can all lead to players immune systems being taxed.
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