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Originally Posted by Povl Carstensen View Post
I think it has been established that the racket can move across the ball outside in, while the ball goes inside out. It is a matter of the angle between the ball and the racket. And apart from the inside out direction, this also provides outward spin. And this goes for shots in other directions, and other spins as well, topspin, slice, right spin, left spin, horisontal, and vertical direction. The racket can go up, and the ball down. The racket can go down, and the ball up. The racket can go left, and the ball right, and vice versa. Ofcourse there is a foreward component to the shot also, but that does not change this, and is pretty obvious imo.
Btw, I am not really sure I am an advocate of Wegners advice of using the wrist to adjust this. I would tend to recommend laying the wrist back and letting it primarily be a result of body position and timing. Allthough I do probably lay my wrist back more in an inside out fh, than in a cc.
Pros hit inside out in the same body position as an inside in so they do not telegraph the intended shot. The variable being the amount of wrist layback to dictate direction. The hand facing the way you want it to go. Exaxctly as oscar describes. There are other subtle differences but body position and foot work is generally the same.
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