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Originally Posted by yourmailman View Post
I will have to second that.

For grins tonight, I started off with my one racquet that is still strung at 50/48. I didn't like it at all. My returns were sailing, as were some of my volleys that would have been clean winners with the 30# setup. The pop was gone from my serve (especially second serves), and I double faulted several times.

After 5 games (should have done it sooner), I went back to my favorite (syn-gut at 30#). All of a sudden, I felt comfortable again. My serves had more pop, and were moving good. I was able to hit the ball with pace, with most of them landing well to the back of the court with lots of top-spin. It was like coming home.

Maybe it's a mental thing, but I think I'll stay with the extreme low tension.
Wow your using Syn gut. I have not tried that yet. I imagine you used poly at 30 also why did you go with the syn gut rather ? Now I gotta go lace up a stick because of you. I was thinking a stiff multi perhaps XONE biphase rather than such a soft syn gut ?? I have not read this thread in a while but have you tried to hybrid at the low tension ?

For those that call it a fad. I have about six 4.5-5.0 level players and a couple of nationally ranked juniors playing with low 30s and not interested in going back.

I will reiterate if your strokes are sloppy then sooner or later you shall return to the higher tension because the lower tension is not forgiving to open faced flailing at the ball which is very common among players with not fundamentally sound strokes. Please this is NOT a slight on everybody just a scientific observation, I mean that before I get attacked.
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