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Originally Posted by tom4ny View Post
Others may disagree with my assessment that is ok but I still feel that the F3.0 tour is like a babolat apd in that dunlop has created a 'modern" feeling racquet. In that I mean that is is crisp, with a fast and snappy stringbed that allows one to generate some monster shots with impressive spin. The F3.0 tour does not have the plow through of an apd but is is more maneuverable and much more arm friendly. The F3.0 tour is a stiff frame but it is a very comfortable hit. Power level is comparable to an apd but comes from racket head speed as opposed to mass in the head like the apd has. A little lead in the upper hoop of the F3.0 tour gives some more plow through and fire power on serves. imo the F3.0 is very stable and does not need lead for stability like the bio 300 tour did.

I have decided to switch to the F3.0 tour from my bio 300 tour.
I demo-ed the f3.0 and don't think it is like a bab apd. For me, apd is like a club while the f3.0 is softer than the apd but medium flex compared to all rackets. The f3.0 has much better feel than apd to me. APD is a unique racket to me in that it plays stiffer than rating and has very little feel. APD is perfect for mini-Nadal bashers while f3.0 could appeal to all court players.
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