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I know how bad you want to send your kid there and sacrifice but I would advise not to for now. Even the director kid with all the training and all the genes and surroundings may not be like the other two 10 year olds but then again she was injured, I could be wrong, please correct me. The other two girls that I saw are on a different level in terms of intensity and focus. It has to come from inside. The kid is either athletic or not. They either eat/sleep/drink tennis or not. Even if you surround your kid with the best players that are motivated and driven, if your kid is a little less motivated they are not all of the sudden going to be obsessed by tennis. My 10 year old boy has been training since age two in tennis to please me. His younger brother who is 7 is training harder just to be better than his older brother. He is training for himself, a goal has been set by himself. He hits against the wall for three hours on his own, jogs around the house for a long time, does push ups sit ups jumps rope, etc..... . I asked him what are you doing?!?!!? he said I am going to be better than my brother I am going to be the best player in the world. This poor kid has been neglected on the sidelines picking up our balls yearning to play tennis, I must admit I did not give him that much attention at first. Now he is on the court and I can not get him off the courts, big difference in tennis development.

I am sure your girl and my boy will come around and be passionate and intense about tennis like you and I. How does she feel about homeschooling and training there full time right now? Ask her that question, ask your wife that question. Maybe you can say, ok let us try this for one year and see what happens but then you might lose the house and your job if all of you get uprooted. I hate to see a breakup in the family for tennis. In our area we had two kids who tried homeschooling in an academy in FL for one year. The father stayed behind to work and keep the house while the mother went down with the kids. They all came back a year later and said it was not worth it.

You are a great player (you can beat that 150 ranked player who took a set off of Agassi) just hit with her for now and keep your mouth shut,,,,,,,,, easier said than done. when she is 12 or 13, you have to make big decisions and accept either she is going all in or not, if not then it is not the end of the world, she will be fine.

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