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Like I said, I would love to bottle the attitude....except the fist pumps towards opponent's face when they hit the net. That stuff bugs me. Honestly, for a smaller girl, I do not see a high level of athletic ability. The small and light girls practically explode around the court. We have 2 of them in our group, they do cart wheels during practice points! Their speed is off the charts. Their issue is they are just playing tennis because mom did in college but would rather be gymnasts!

There is nothing like an athletic 10-12 year old girl....the ones into competitive cheer, gymnastics, soccer. The taller ones gravitate towards volleyball down here. They have this explosiveness to them that is awesome. I just do not see nearly that level of athletic ability in any of the 12s tennis girls.
Then you need another Lauren Davis. Watched her in Tucson when she was 13 and watched her Wednesday night on the feed from Hobart against Stephens. Her court coverage is insane. By the way she won everything G12-18, stayed in regular school, even played HS tennis freshman year and was not trained by USTA. Now she sneaked into top 100 at 19. She is winning on athleticism, attitude and world class backhand. Should I mention that she is 5'2"? I am sure she did not practice 6 hrs a day at 11. Not sure but maybe she still played soccer at 11.
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