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Originally Posted by Chemist View Post

This study shows student athletes may have a more successful career than non-student athletes.

That "study" is a bunch of hocus pocus. They claim that atheletes learn and grow faster than non athlete students in critical thinking, self aware-ness, diversity, citizenship, leadership, relations and communication. How do they measure this? They asked them survey questions and the students answer yes or no. Here are some examples right from the study:

I know when someone is using misleading language. For example, I can tell when a TV advertisement has used some ‘weasel words’ to try to confuse or mislead me.
I am able to attach lived experience to emotional/affective response. For example, I can manage the emotional response I experience and accept the comfort and discomfort they bring to me.
I have personal relationships with several people who are ethnically different from me. For example, I have several African-American or European-American friends.
The students answer yes or no to hundreds of these types of questions. You seriously are going to make a broad deduction of student athletes vs nonathletes based on a yes or no survey study? These types of studies are meaningless. It may say that athletes are more confident or have an overinflated opinion of themselves compared to nonathletes but that is about it.
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